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With the rise of social media and influencer culture, it’s easy to see why Instagram is proving to not only be a great advertising platform for companies; but also a lucrative business opportunity for individuals.

However, none of this is possible without an audience, in Instagram’s case; followers.

With such an over-saturation of accounts and influencers  it can be easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond, growing followers organically by yourself is not an easy task, however with the help of websites and companies readily available to the public, it has become a whole lot easier to kick start your Instagram growth.

Best Instagram Growth Service Reviews (2020)



Ingramer is your virtual growth assistant, automatically liking, following and commenting on your behalf to promote the growth of your account to the selected target audience. They offer a three-day trial, a money back guarantee, as well as regular analytical reports in an easy to understand spreadsheet on the website dashboard. They offer the same package, however in different durations allowing you to budget accordingly. It’s worth mentioning they are considerably more affordable than some of the aforementioned products.

Stellation Media

Stellation Media

Stellation Media Instagram Growth ServiceStellation Media provides a tailored approach, allowing the user to choose their demographic by selecting targeted accounts and hashtags with an audience they wish to emulate.

Alongside this they provide the user with an account manager, who is available to contact as and when needed with a promise of a 24 hour around time – as well as a monthly analytical report of your demographics.

Stellation Media is promising an organic and natural, steady growth with minimal effort on your part. A nice touch is that they offer a money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied, meaning they must be quite confident in their strategies.

Hashtags for Likes


Something slightly different is Hashtags for Likes, this website curates a list of the most popular hashtags which are reaching the largest demographics and provide them to the user in a text block. This allows you to simply copy and paste the hashtags into your photo description and watch the likes come in. With all different categories, there is something for every niche imaginable. They also promise increased followers, exposure and automatic updates to allow you to always have the most popular hashtags at your fingertips.

When it comes to finding the best Instagram growth service out there, it’s going to be difficult for you to pass up on Hashtags for Likes. While they may not look like much when you visit their website, you’ll soon realize just how unique this growth service is. For a start, they make sure to comply completely with Instagram’s guidelines around using a third party, which means that you’re not going to get in trouble for using them at all. There’s absolutely no risk of being suspended or shut down for using this Instagram growth service.

Another thing that we love about Hashtags for Likes is just how dedicated they are to their craft. They have been creative and innovative enough to choose to come at their client’s Instagram growth from a completely different angle. We all know how important hashtags are for the growth of your pages, yet there are so few companies out there that have the services to accommodate for this side of things. Hashtags for Likes has taken advantage of this niche and created their very own hashtag search engine, where you can find your favorite hashtags and get the scoop on data and analytics. This is going to result in the best hashtag strategy for your industry. When it comes to Instagram growth services, there it doesn’t get much better than this.



Upleap promise flexibility, in that with each of their three membership options you can opt out at any time with no added cost. They provide a 3 day free trial to allow the user to see if this works for them, and then assign each user an account manager readily accessible whenever they are needed. Much like their competitors they want to create a natural and steady growth, based off real accounts and real people.

Trusy Social

trusy review

Trusy Social promises to help the user ‘blow up’ on Instagram, and advertises specific packs targeted toward influencer, businesses and individuals. This strategy really works its way into all market types and their growth stream. They again use the approach of using real people, real followers and real interest in your account; making the development as authentic as possible. Plus, they boast an impressive clientele which means something must be working!



Follow Adder is an application which promises to not only increase engagement and followers but to help manage your account. With features such as post scheduling, multiple account management, search streams and increased Google search results it appears to truly be an all-rounder. They also offer consultations about how to increase your Instagram likes and presence, allowing the user to become self-sufficient in their account growth.



Jarvee is a downloadable software program which promises rapid growth across all platforms, not just Instagram. It offers the feature to automate all of your accounts to grow each of them safely and authentically. It has a trial option so you can see for yourself how it fairs before committing to a membership, and also offers marketing courses for Instagram which offer quizzes, 70 lessons and a certificate upon competition- not to mention it’s 100% free.



Instato is another site with an aesthetic website and easy to understand pricing format. They offer a free trial similar to others mentioned and also have the ability to manage several different accounts from even a basic membership. They auto post, queue, and interact on your behalf, using the strategy of gradual likes and comments to ensure the growth appears authentic. They are available 24/7 and offer one of the cheapest membership rates. This would be a great service if you were searching for something user-friendly and affordable.

Sara Agency


Sara Agency is one of the more affordable options on the market, for $9.99 per month they promise to automatically like, follow and comment on accounts posts which you have indicated interest in. They also have the unique feature of managing multiple accounts from your dashboard, allowing for maximum productivity. They offer free trials and videos explaining how to use Sara for maximum results.



FanBump is a premium service, giving the user the feeling of being in control of their natural Instagram growth by involving them in each step of the way. The website offers a user-friendly explanation of how their service works, with a similar formula of giving the user a dedicated account manager, allowing them to choose their target market and curating a steady growth stream of genuine followers.

The Millennial Marketers


The Millennial Marketers make a point of their eagerness to go above and beyond. With regular analytical reports, emailed guides on how to enhance your Instagram presence above and beyond the program and a guarantee that you will notice an increase in followers within 24 hours you could say they are confident in the service they are providing. They have an easy to use website, and great customer satisfaction ratings also.



Gone are the days of $2.99 bot applications which would spam your account only for the likes to disappear after a few days, and Ampfluence makes sure of that. They promise that each and every follow and like you get will be from real people who are genuinely interested in your content, meaning long after you finish using the service you will still reap the benefits. They offer multiple plans much like the other websites listed, however very clearly lay out the differences and benefits of each subscription option.



With only one membership option priced at only $39/month Popmatic is definitely user friendly and affordable. If you want something straight to the point and easy to understand then this is for you. With a free trial on offer before you commit to anything further it allows the user to see if there is any remarkable difference before committing to a subscription. A small team with a big mission, to provide a service affordable and effective enough it could meet Instagram community standards and replace bots in the market forever.


Before anything else, the ease and user friendly nature of Instalionares website leaps out at you. It’s clear from the get-go they have put the hard yards in to making their online presence appealing and memorable and its clearly working. A common theme amongst all of these websites is the promise of creating an ‘organic’ following, however something interesting about Instalionare is that they have curated a list of geotag location hotspots, negative wording to avoid, tagging options and filters which they are so confident work- they have a promised money back guarantee. With three membership options and no lock in contracts there is sure to be something to suit everybody.

We Grow Social


We Grow Social offer the user to select a particular ‘niche market’ they wish to target, and completely base its work around that response. This means that you are getting exactly the demographic and target audience you want. They frequently have sales on membership costs, making it a more affordable option for potential clients, and also offer the similar formula of three choices depending on business, influencer or account level you want to reach.

Social Runner


Social Runner not only offers Instagram engagement but also deliver workshops and articles explaining things such as how to get verified, how to get brand endorsements and how to make money from your Instagram account. It seems they truly are trying to include the whole journey to becoming an influencer from start to finish (minus the stress, plus some glamour).  They have no lock-in contracts and offer relatively low price points for each of their package options. They also have something unique; a trial option allowing the user to have a 5 day trial for a fraction of the cost- assisting in deciding which package you want, or whether the results are worth it for you.

Firing Table


With a slogan like “don’t buy your followers, grow your account organically instead,” it’s easy to see how the average person could be intrigued. They promise to be 20% less expensive than their competition and on inspection, it appears that could be true, with their business package coming in at around the same price as most other companies ‘individual’ rate.

If there is one thing Firing Table appear to do right, it’s customer retention- with many reviews stating they have been happy customers for 6 months + which is quite impressive given just how many similar services are on the market. They also offer the added ‘get likes’ feature, a onetime purchase of a package of ‘likes,’ which could be of interest to people on the err of caution of subscribing to a membership.

Social Flight Co


The first noticeable thing about this site is the fact that it uses real-time purchases from people, showing a first name and city of who just purchased a package. This instils the belief that real people like you or I are using this service. Each package comes with your own dedicated account manager, as well as growth reports, analytics and targeted audience spreads; features a few competitors have reserved for only the top package. Customer satisfaction also appears to be at an all-time high with Social Flight Co, with glowing reviews from pages of happy customers.



Social Captain’s website is certainly eye-catching- with video tutorials, a live chat function (complete with cute pug video) and animations to boot. Customers of Social Captain have upwards of one million followers- meaning they must be doing something correctly. They focus on a “powerful growth, instant results” mentality, and offer a sleek, easy to navigate dashboard design for all users. They also offer a free trial, allowing you to see if this is a good fit for yourself, and multiple membership price points to allow for different budgets.

Get River


Get River offers one plan, and claim it is suitable for influencers, professionals and businesses alike. This autonomy proves to be a winning strategy for users, as it appears many are satisfied with the results and pricing. They allow you to cancel at any time and offer a free trial- both important things for individuals considering entering a membership. Similarly to its competitors it offers a targeted approach and does all the work for you, promising results within 24 hours.


The name packs a punch and by appearances so does the service. Kicksta takes their website a step further by offering case studies as well as real reviews, which further authenticates them as a company for potential users. They offer two packages which are pretty self-explanatory, “the professional,” or “the creative.” The pricing appears similar to the standard market price for the other product types on the market. They also promise a 14-day money back guarantee- a nice touch for any potential clients’ peace of mind.

Riotly Social


Before you can even have a chance to browse this website a large pop up offering a 6-day free trial appears, it’s clear from the get-go that these guys are confident in their services. To the point, they will hand out free trials, and money back guarantees. They provide realistic growth, with an authentic approach that no company can promise a specific number of followers, what they can do is increase your visibility in your target market. They show success stories from people who have gained hundreds of thousands of subscribers, to smaller niche accounts who have happily risen to 5,000 genuinely interested followers. They offer four package options; with add on products available; so there is sure to be something to suit everyone.

Social Buddy


Social Buddy advises most of their users gain between 150-500 followers each week, and offer weekly or monthly options to pay for your membership (of which they have one option for everyone). Their services extend from only Instagram to YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. They note that they are social media experts and very understanding of the ins and outs of becoming an online presence or brand. They have glowing google reviews and appear very popular in the marketing sector.

Social Up Boost


Social Up Boost targets influencers, with its hot pink background, tailored packages and how to videos. They offer a free five-day trial, allowing you to see for yourself how your following increases, and also offers no lock-in contracts for their membership. They also have a premium membership option which is a fast-tracked way to Instagram notoriety.

Your Charisma


Your Charisma has an active action plan explaining how to get from zero followers to one hundred thousand as quickly as possible. They pride themselves on leveraging the Instagram algorithm and working out the secrets to being at the top of the explore page whenever you post. They offer a $24 fourteen day trial, with a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the results. Safe to say, they are confident in their product.



CrwdBoost claim to be the fastest way to scale and monetize your Instagram following, with reviews to prove it. The heavy focus here is on monetizing your social media, and how to maintain the level of popularity once you’ve reached it. They offer weekly, monthly and premium subscriptions, all very competitively priced. They promise to boost your posts to the top of the newsfeed, and grab the attention of real people- encouraging them to follow you.

Instagrowth Ninja


Once you overlook the cute ninja graphic on the website, you will find easy to read information, reviews and articles. They use a three-step ‘ninja’ approach, target, action and grow. With the promises of sending out 125 curated comments a day to the niche accounts of your choice, and being active 24/7 to hit the global market it’s no wonder why they have the reviews they do. They promise to do everything for you, whilst you still maintain full control of your account. Something different they offer is a ‘viral’ package, with the premise of just that- making you go viral.



Growth offers a month to month product, which promises to increase your social footprint without going against community guidelines, or spamming accounts. With a social media team in Zurich, they have promises of being readily accessible whenever you need them and being completely transparent with their objectives and goals. They boast a professional, impressive website, with an even more impressive track record for success, definitely one worth checking out.



Freegram combines all of your social media into the one place, aiming to grow each one organically with no effort on your part. They offer an Instagram ‘matching views’ service as a part of their package, sending you the same amount of views as likes on videos, as well as allowing you to delay the likes if they are coming to fast to make the growth appear authentic to your existing followers. A very tailor-made, carefully curated package, with only two options both quite competitively priced, however lasting only 10 days. Worth taking a look if you are on the hunt for a short term boost rather than a long term commitment.


Ins grow promotes the concept of helping small businesses, musicians and artists reach a wider audience. They aim to increase the user’s exposure, as well as social awareness, equipping you with the skills to maintain and continue expanding your social pages. They also don’t offer standard packages, instead, you fill a short questionnaire and they come back with a personalised plan best to suit your needs and wants from the service.



Growgress claim to be the number one platform in the world for Instagram growth, with full analytics, unlimited scheduling, and video liking as well as personalised following. They also produce content if you don’t have any, allowing you to continue posting consistently and reach a wider audience. They suggest the user spend five minutes during set up and from then on do not need to worry about anything further, instead get to sit back and watch the followers roll in.

Social Boosting Agency


Interestingly Social Boosting Agency offers a $5 credit scheme for each friend referral, something worth mentioning is completely unique to them on this list. They offer four separate plans, with each offering 24/7 account support, and a regular analytics report. They are slightly more costly than others on the market however they have great reviews, and a money back guarantee.

Vibrance Growth


Vibrance Growth boasts the fact that they were featured on BBC news, and rightfully so as mainstream media hasn’t completely cottoned on to the concept of Instagram boosting services at this point in time. With a clean, easy to use website they promise 1500 extra followers a month, enhancing your chances of monetization from your account. They have pages of testimonials from credible Instagram accounts which are widespread throughout different categories and all relatively well known in their particular niche. This one seems to be a crowd favourite.


If you want to grow your Instagram followers, Instagram Likes, views & comments. Well, It’s important to stay away from those fake engagement providers – instead, use a reputable provider like above, these guys help you with your growth over time. Your account is in safe hands with these providers. They will help you grow your account.

Be aware of the non-legitimate services out there, try stick to a service that has a good reputation.

Attracting and growing a real fan-base, is vital to your long-term success on Instagram, with this day and age, influencers are quickly leaving their day-jobs, and are working full time as influencers, creating awesome content that their followers want to see, basically becoming a content creator! Influencer marketing is becoming the highest in-demand as a channel for advertising for businesses.

Let me know if you have had any experience with the above companies.

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