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It’s the question that everyone is asking these days – how can I get more followers on Instagram? It’s a fickle business, which requires careful application and patience, and additional tools if you know where to look for them.

Spending an unsavory amount of time trawling through lists of pages and people that are relevant to your page and following them just to unfollow them the next day, so they don’t flood your newsfeed is not the best way to go about it. It’s the manual way, and it’s practical if you’ve got the time. Not only is this unrealistic, but it could also get you in trouble with the new Follows You feature.


What is Follows You?

Follows You is a feature of Instagram that has been recently added to the app, and it’s not all sunshine and roses. In fact, it’s probably likely that a few friendships will end abruptly with the rise of this kind of feature exposing once hidden information. Follows You tells you directly who is following you and, more importantly, who has unfollowed you.

Previously there were 3rd party Instagram apps that you could pay to find out this information, but now Instagram has added it as a feature of the app itself, making it hard to avoid using and abusing.


How Does it Work?

Follows You works like a little red flag – showing up conveniently on the platform of everyone’s bio so that this little bit of sensitive information is entirely unavoidable. If you go to a page of someone you know, like, or think is following you, you can quickly see their information whether they follow you or not. This is bound to open up a can of worms but can be helpful when trying to gather this kind of information to grow your following.

Following and unfollowing is a common occurrence on Instagram – especially when using an Instagram bot, and has been the cause of many online feuds. This new feature of Instagrams could potentially reduce the rate that people follow and then unfollow, but it won’t eliminate this complicated interaction entirely. This could also cause some people to give up using Instagram altogether, but this would only be extreme cases.

For the vast majority, Instagram will continue to be a great place to interact with friends and the broader community. You’ll just have to wise up and be careful how you go about following people to get them to follow you back.

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