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The ever-changing and updating world of Instagram has come out with another feature to connect you even more closely with the rest of the online community. You can now share your Instagram stories through your Facebook stories. Once upon a time you could only be so sophisticated as to share Instagram posts through your Facebook, just incase your FB friends had missed anything, but now that chance is even slimmer – Instagram has introduced the ability to share your stories straight through Facebook, along with your posts. However, the only exception to this feature is businesses, as they’re not allowed on Facebook stories yet, so even if you have Instagram stories for your business, it won’t translate – for now.

What About the Other Way?

Facebook stories back to Instagram? Not currently, but it certainly hasn’t been ruled out by the social media giant, and it’s only a matter of time before Facebook adds this feature too. Instagram began testing this new feature earlier in the year with a lucky few privy to this ability, but now it’s about to roll out the addition to everybody, and you’ll be able to make the most of it.

This strategic move of Instagram is undoubtedly bound to put more pressure on Facebook, and its newsfeed as even more content is introduced from external sources. The most significant way this usually affects social media platforms is through their algorithms – the more content they have featured on users newsfeed, the more in-depth and complex the collected data becomes. Interestingly enough, Facebook doesn’t seem to be in any rush to return the favor and make Facebook stories shareable on Instagram – but this could all change. The move by Instagram could drive more traffic to Facebook and be a free promotion of the social media site – not that it needs it.

Facebook will benefit from this move by Instagram. As it strives to keep up with the dominating sharing app Snapchat, it needs to continue to think of ways that it keeps the attention of the youngest generation. While the thought of being able to share Facebook stories back through Instagram seems a bit much right now, Facebook will bask in the sun of this new Instagram feature that will see people using both social media platforms interchangeably.

One demographic it does seem to hit a bit harder is business – because currently, people with a business can’t use this feature, this could potentially negatively affect their ability to market across both sites, but ultimately it shouldn’t be too harmful. Facebook marketing is slowly going down as Instagram dominates this arena (especially with the use of bots!), so businesses that are already benefiting from the popularity of Instagram shouldn’t have to worry too much about this new feature taking away attention from them.

It will be interesting to see if Facebook returns the favor. We can then all watch the content levels explode, and both newsfeeds fill to the brim.

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