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Once you have a working blog that is getting traffic, you can make money! The easiest way to make money through a blog is through advertising.

A good place to start is Google’s AdSense program. Once you have this program, you will be given a code. Companies that are part of Google’s advertisement network will display adverts on your blog. Advertisements will be from both large and small companies some related and others completely off your topic. There will be many companies bidding to have their advertisements on your site. The code is all you need. For every person that visits the add from your blog, you earn. You will not have to have a lot. The most interesting thing is that you can be sure of your pay.

How Much Can you Make?
Your income will depend on the following factors:

The number of visitors to your site
Earning on the blog is all about creating traffic. This will increase the number of people to your site and the clicks on various advertisements. The more the visitors click on advertisements the more the money for you.

The visibility of the ads
Since your blog is not all about money, you need to be cautious of where you place the ads. You do not want to annoy your readers otherwise you will lose the traffic. This calls on how you display your ads. However, remember that the better the display you give to ads, the more the chances of it being visited. People who have given better priority to the ads may end up getting a better pay. You will have to find a way to get the best from your site and continue being relevant to your readers.

The topic that you are blogging about
Some sites will earn more than others depending on the topic that they handle. Advertisers in sites that relate in one way or another to the topic of the blog are bound to pay more for the ads. The topic in your site also determines the type of purchasing power of the people that you are likely to get. Youths may not have a high purchasing power and therefore blogs with youth topics may earn less for adverts.

These are the key things that may determine your earnings from a blog. However, you need to know that it may take time for you to start earning. If you follow the steps to make your blog work, you may end up benefiting a lot from it.


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