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With over 800 million active users, Instagram can help you establish your brand, increase its awareness and help you gain a huge social media presence.

That is, if people are following you. In order to get more Instagram followers, the first thing you need to decide is the reason is you are using Instagram for. Instagram is a great marketing tool for your business, brand or to help you become ‘Insta famous’. When used correctly, Instagram’s social media platform will help you reach your desired audience no matter what demographic they fall under.

Pick a memorable username

As said before, on any social media platform it is important to have a huge presence, it is just as important to have a strong social media identity. That is why you should have a good username that helps people to identify with you. Before picking a username you need to decide how you are going to represent yourself on Instagram. Don’t pick a generic username! Try to make it memorable and unique. You username will be seen on your profile and when you write comments.

The Bio content and layout should be on point

Also on your profile, you have your Bio section. Here you should include a description that is very personal to you or your brand. Basically an outline of who you are and what you do.

Instagram is very different to other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter which allow you to add multiple links. On Instagram however, you can only add one link. This link must be added to your Bio.

Your selected profile picture is very important as it will be the first things a user sees when they view your post or click your profile. Again, it should be memorable and unique. A logo would be a good idea.

Make your Bio well organized, this can be done by spacing your Bio. Most people are not aware how to add spacing and line breakers in their Bio. This can be done and makes your Bio look neat and more aesthetically appealing. Appearance is a significant factor when trying to gain more followers on Instagram.

Your all-important content – photos and video clips

Instagram is all about photos and videos, thus this is the reason why you must use high-quality ones. An app can be used to help you to take photos and to edit them. Once you decide the person you want to engage, your posts should reflect that message.

‘’A picture is worth a thousand words’’.

The pictures will be used to interest and build an emotional connection with your followers so make sure your pictures are good ones and shareworthy if you have any doubt do not post it.

Another option is to repost already popular content. Reposting content should be done by interacting with the user first. Then repost their content and follow them. It is more like this will result in a follow back.

Add captions

Captions can be added when you post your photo or video content. A good tip is to ask a question here to encourage commenting and interaction.

When posting content share where you are and what you are doing. Tagging and location sharing is important especially if your business is located there.

Schedule the posts for maximum effect

When posting content be sure to post consistently, this will help to keep your audience engaged. You can also schedule a post. Instagram’s most popular times are generally between 7-9pm. However this will depend on your location and targeted audience. It is a good idea to test posting content at different times and see which times deliver better results for you. Remember when posting content to post often but don’t go overboard.

Get using hashtags

hashtags for likes

Use relevant hashtags as this will help people that are using the same hashtag to find you. HashTagsForLikes is an awesome resource for finding these.

When using hashtags you can use an already popular one or create your own.

The right hashtags are essential for effective marketing and helping define to the audience on Instagram what you are about. Remember to use hashtags in every post but don’t use too many.

Do not forget about the Instagram stories and live feeds

Content pillars such as Instagram stories and live feeds can be used to your advantage when trying to gain more followers. They are recommended based on accounts you follow and posts you like. Therefore, it is possible to get recommended by Instagram and have your story or live feed seen by a higher number of people.

Strategic comments

Another important feature to note when trying to gain followers is to be strategic with commenting on posts. A common approach is the ‘follow, like, comment’ one. This might result in a follow back. However, it is not guaranteed and very time-consuming. If you do not have the time to spend to do this but have a budget to invest then another option would be using an Instagram Bot.

If in doubt, use an Instagram Bot

Even with Instagress gone – an Instagram Bot such as Follow Adder can perform repetitive tasks such as liking photos, making comments and following people. Therefore, an Instagram Bot will help you gain followers by using the same ‘follow, like, comment’ approach, but on autopilot.

It won’t just perform this on any random user. The automation tool will help select your desired user based on hashtags and settings.

Buy some followers – Do not overdo it!

Buying Instagram followers is an option but should really only be used as a kick start when you do not have many followers, to begin with. The problem with buying followers is that there will be zero engagement with them as they are not real people.

It is recommended that when you have over 1000 followers you should stop doing this. No one likes looking at a profile with a bunch of fake followers and no interaction.

Try some of the steps mentioned above.

When using Instagram your following should always be more than your followers otherwise you will appear unpopular to people viewing your profile. Always remember that no matter what approach you decide to follow, engagement is the key to gaining followers on Instagram.