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The beauty of the internet is that there is now a multitude of ways to go about building a substantial Instagram following. While it’s a complicated business, there are resources out there that can help you get a grasp on having a successful Instagram page – especially if it’s geared towards your business. Instagram is now the leading gateway to drawing people to your brand and using it as a portal through to your website or blog. Let’s take a look at some of the best, tried and true ways to grow an Instagram following.


Your Profile

Like Twitter, you only have a limited amount of space on your profile – 150 spaces, to be exact. Because Instagram is a social media platform centered on images, words are few and far between but strategically placed. Learning how to make the most of the few words you have in your bio will set you up well for having an attractive page and branding. Make sure the name of your profile and your tagline fit in well with your branding. You want people to think of your brand when they read every image caption, let alone your bio. Keep it succinct but relatable, and relevant every time.



One of the biggest things to remember when starting a business Instagram page is keeping it public from the get-go. It’s all too common to scroll through potential pages and come across “private” time and time again. While this is excellent protection in case there are certain people or groups you don’t want visiting your page, 99% of the time if your brand means business, you’re going to want your page to be public. This way it’s accessible to anyone who might come across it, increasing your chances of getting more followers.



To keep in the loop with what activity is going down on your page, you need to know every time someone comments or likes a post you’ve put up. Do this by going to “options” then “notifications” and make sure that you have selected the option to be receiving notifications “from everyone.”


Quality, not Quantity

There is a common misconception that the more posts you publish, the faster your Instagram will grow. While this might be true to a certain degree, the vast majority of people searching through Instagram and coming across your page are looking for images that draw them in and attract them. If you focus instead on churning out as many posts as possible and disregarding their content completely, people will be more likely to skip over your content. Taking some time to learn a little bit about photography and picture editing will stand you in good stead and give you a head start on your journey to managing a professional looking Instagram.


Scheduling Your Posts

Now that you have your brand, concept, and content, you’re most likely going to want to jump straight on the horse and get posting. You want people to see your brand and look at what it has to offer, right? Don’t be so hasty. Posting on Instagram is a fine art and requires an expert knowledge of timing and patience. Believe it or not, there are ideal times to post, depending on what your niche is and what part of the world you live in – you can find these times online. You can use one of the best instagram bots to do this for you as well.

Breaking down your content into a regular drip feed will help your brand to establish a permanency on the platform, and promote your followers to be long-standing and loyal. Get to know Instagram’s peak times and how often you should post before going crazy with your pre-prepared content.



Like we mentioned earlier, as an image-dominated site, there’s not a lot to be done with words on Instagram. However, every post has the opportunity to write something beneath it, which you can use to your advantage. While there is no limit to how much you can write on a post, its recommended to keep it short and sharp – unless your Instafamous, there aren’t too many people out there that are going to stop their day to read your two hundred word caption. The caption humanizes the content you post and helps your followers to feel like they understand you and your brand. Keep it relational and welcoming – this will portray you as likable. You can even pose your followers a question, or use a call-to-action in your caption to get the activity going.



One of the first lessons of Instagram is to know your hashtags. Hashtags are the glue that holds Instagram together, which means they are the glue that will keep your brand together. Be sure to pick hashtags to use on your content that is consistent and relating directly back to your niche, so that when people look them up, they can easily find you. Feel free also to get creative and make a hashtag up that is original and unique to your brand – this will attract people to your page and have them asking what this new hashtag is all about.

Going about getting followers on Instagram isn’t rocket science.

It’s basic, common sense that arises from all the tools and features that Instagram already has available. It’s all about making the most of what you’ve got and using Instagram to favor you and your branding, ensuring you get the most out of having an Instagram business page. Stay hard working and consistent, and before you know it, you’ll start to see those followers pour in.